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Big Berkey Water Filter System


What is included:

  • Upper and lower stainless steel chambers
  • 2 Black Berkey® Purification Elements (expandable up to 4)
  • 1 stainless steel lid, knob and screw
  • 1 spigot, rubber gasket to protect the base
  • 2 wing nuts, 2 washers
  • 1 priming button
  • 2 blocking plugs


Big Berkey Water Filter System

Best-seller of Berkey Water systems. Perfect for 1 – 4 people.

Big Berkey Waterfilter system comes ready to use with 2 x Original Black Berkey filter elements inside that utilizes the latest technological advances in water purification today.

Berkey water filter systems are rated the best and longest lasting water filter systems on the market and they are the top performing portable water filters in the industry.

Constructed of highly polished stainless steel, stainless model 304′  that is the longest lasting stainless steel on the market today.  Rust free for life.

The entire unit keeps roughly 8.5 liters of water,  more than enough for most consumer needs.

Each set of 2 x Black Berkey filters will last for up to 23,000 litres . Or up to 11 years of pure and clean drinking water.

Big Berkey is one of the best selling brands in water filters and purification systems all over the world and recommended as No.1  filter system on the market by a variety of health magazines, labs and independent health sites,  and millions of happy customers all over the world.


They are so powerful that they are classed as a water purification systems and have a much higher standard then normal water filters today.


Berkey Filters remove 99,999% of Chlorine, Viruses, Harmful pathogenic Bacteria, Cysts, Heavy Metals,  parasites and hazardous chemical contaminants and impurities while leaving undisturbed the essential minerals your body needs. Berkey filter can purify water from almost any source, Tap water, Rain water, Ponds water & local water supplies in almost any countries.

See full list in the FAQ’s section.

The height of the Big Berkey is only  48,5 cm  + Diameter is only 21,6 cm.

The system will purify up to 13.3 litres per hour with 2 x Black Berkey filters inside or 26.6 litres per hour with 4 x Black Berkey filters inside.

Additional information

filters options

2 Filters, 2 Filters+2 PF2 Fluoride Filters, 4 Filters, 4 Filters+2 PF 4 Fluoride Filters


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