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Berkey Light Water Filter System


Product Specifications

The height of the Berkey Light system is 67cm.
Diameter is about 23 cm.
Weight is only 2.27 kg.



BERKEY LIGHT SYSTEM   –    BPA Free 100% safe hard plastic material.   

Berkey Light System ready to use with 2 x original Black Berkey Filters inside   (same filters as in Big Berkey)

Made of special hard blend BPA free 100% safe and non-toxic plastic material.

Berkey Light takes up to 12,5 Liters of water.

Berkey water filter systems are the top performing portable water filters in the industry.

The translucent container makes it easy to see the amount of water inside and if the system needs to be refilled or not.

The system will purify up to 13 litres per hour.

Each set of Black Berkey filters (set of 2 included) will last for up to 23,000 litres. That’s more than 11 years of pure drinking water!

Berkey Filters remove 99,999% of chlorine, viruses, harmful pathogenic bacteria, cysts, heavy metals, parasites and hazardous chemical contaminants and impurities while leaving undisturbed the essential minerals your body needs.   See the full list in the FAQ’s section to the right-hand side.

Berkey waterfilter systems are recommended all over the world by many health magazines and other independent health bloggers plus millions of other happy customers. 

Berkey filters are believed to be the best on the market and are also the longest lasting filters on the planet.

The Berkey Light is great for bigger families and the see-through plastic is specially made super durable plastic has been tested for plastic contamination. It is perfectly safe and leaves no contamination in the water as some cheap plastics are prone to.

Additional information

Weight 2.27 kg
filters options

2 Filters, 2 Filters+2 PF2 Fluoride Filters, 4 Filters, 4 Filters+2 PF 4 Fluoride Filters


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