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About Berkey Waterfilters Asia

Berkey Waterfilters Asia (Thailand) is a distributor for Thailand and all parts of Asia,

Our warehouse and ship is located in Bangkok Thailand.

We offer worldwide shipping on all products. Excellent customer service and exclusive  Warranty for our customers.

H80  co, Ltd /  Berkey Waterfilters Thailand
Company Number 9184891.
VAT Registration Number 195468263.

          Berkey Water Filters are the World leader in water filters and water purification.

The USA made high-end portable water filter system for your home or your office. The Black Berkey water filters (supplied with all Berkey water filter systems) are the most powerful and longest lasting filters on the planet.
Berkey Water Filters are made in the USA and sold all over the world. As authorised dealers, we offer a full warranty on all of our products + an optional exclusive Lifetime Warranty for our customers.


        Our passion is to provide the cleanest, freshest and purest drinking water available anywhere while also providing our customers with the longest lasting elements available, Ensuring outstanding value.  
           Our focus is to provide both exceptional products and service through integrity and commitment to our customers,  the most rigorous testing in the industry and continuous quality improvement. We thank you for choosing the Berkey® line of water filtration and purification products and look forward to exceeding your expectations.   For further information and product specifics please see our line of filter systems.


Free shipping in Thailand over 1500 baht purchase 

International shipping fee 2000 baht

We will provide a tracking number on the day of dispatch for you to track your consignment.